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“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language” – Martin Buber

Alejandra is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Justin Marshall and Dr. WenSung Chung. She is studying the function of polarization vision on the behaviour and communication in cuttlefish and squids.


Alejandra is interested in analyze the visual ecology of cephalopods, particularly cuttlefish and squids. She is fascinated by how cephalopods are able to change their colourful body patterns even that they are colour-blind. She is been using behavioural experiments and histology to understand how the visual system and polarisation vision of the cephalopods are related to their behaviour and communication with conspecifics. By comparing the morphology and anatomy of the visual system of cephalopods from different habitats, she is looking to unravel if this differences are related to their behaviour and body patterns.


2012 BSc with Honours 1A, Major in Marine Biology. Universidad del Mar, MEXICO
2016-Present PhD, Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland, AUSTRALIA


2014 -2015 Research Technician, Histology lab, Universidad del Mar, MEXICO