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Qamar Schuyler


PhD candidate

Current research
Turtles in Trouble: Assessing the impacts of marine debris on sea turtles in Australia

Supervisors: Dr. Kathy Townsend (Moreton Bay Research Station, UQ), Prof. Justin Marshall (QBI, UQ) and Dr. Denise Hardesty (CSIRO)

Purpose of Research: How will rising levels of ocean-borne rubbish created in the "Plasticene era" by our disposable society impact marine animals such as sea turtles? I focus on how sea turtles' visual systems influence their encounters with marine debris, as well as investigating the lethal and sub lethal implications of debris ingestion


+61 (0)427 566 868

Based at Moreton Bay Research Station
Dunwich, North Stradebroke Island

Brisbane Queensland

BA St. Mary's College of MD, USA. MSc College of Charleston, USA



Townsend KA, Altvater J, Thomas MC, Schuyler QA, Nette GW. 2012. Death in the octopus' garden: fatal blue-lined octopus envenomations of adult green sea turtles. Marine Biology 159: 689-695.

Schuyler Q, Dunstan P, Dobson E. 2006. Remote sensing of change on a remote coral atoll, Karang Kapota, Indonesia. Proceesings of the 10th International Coral Reef Symposium, Okinawa, Japan.

Schuyler Q and Sullivan BK. 1997. Light response and diel migration of the scyphomedusa Chrysaora quinquecirrha in mesocosms. Journal of Plankton Research 19 (10): 1417-1428


Awards and Fellowships

Archie Carr best student paper award, 2011 International Sea Turtle Symposium

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Queensland Brain Institute
University of Queensland
Brisbane Queensland 4072 Australia