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Hanne Thoen


PhD Candidate

Current research
Colour vision in Mantis Shrimps, understanding one of the most complex visual systems in the world

Supervisors: Prof. Justin Marshall & Dr. Martin How (QBI, UQ)

Research Interest: Investigating the capabilities of the colour vision system in mantis shrimps to gain insight into how they analyse and process colour. Using techniques such as behavioural training, intracellular electrophysiological recordings, histology and fluorescent microscopy we are hoping to get a better understanding of this remarkable visual system.

Click here to read more about the project:
Colour vision in Mantis Shrimps


+61 (0)410 238 955

Sensory Neurobiology Group (formally Vision Touch and Hearing Research Centre)
Queensland Brain Institute
University of Queensland
Brisbane Queensland 4072

2007-2009 Master of Science in Marine Biology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
2006 One year exchange to James Cook University during BSc
2004-2007 Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Oslo

Thoen, H. H., Johnsen, G., Berge, J. (2010), Pigmentation and spectral absorbance in the arctic deep-sea amphipods Eurythenes gryllus and Anonyx sp. Polar Biology 34 (1), 83-93

Undheim E.A.B., Georgieva D.N., Thoen H.H., Norman J.A., Mork J., Fry B.G. (2010) Venom on ice: First insights into Antarctic octopus venoms. Toxicon 56 (6), 897-913

Undheim E.A.B., Norman J.A., Thoen H.H., Fry B.G. (2010) Genetic identification of Southern Ocean octopod samples using mtCOI.  Comptes Rendus Biologies 333, 395-404

Tang, J.Y.M., Glenn, E. Thoen, H.H. and Escher, B.I. (2012) In vitro bioassay for reactive toxicity towards proteins implemented for water quality monitoring. Journal Environmental Monitoring 14 (3), 1073-1081


Awards and Fellowships
Arctic Scholarship from Svalbard Science Forum and the Norwegian Polar Institute of ~ 2000 AUD the to finance part of the fieldwork during my MSc.

University of Queensland International Scholarship (UQI)

Queensland Brain Institute Top-up scholarship

Living allowance and travel scholarship from the Norwegian Government Loan Program


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Queensland Brain Institute
University of Queensland
Brisbane Queensland 4072 Australia